Vintage looking teddies...
 and cheeky modern ones!

The name Bears From The Boot has been chosen to emphasize the origin of my teddies and, recalling the boot-shape of Italy, to remind to everybody that even in my country there are bear artists and collectors.

After a first attempt in bear making when I was a teenager, I started to sew again in 1998 when I was in England.

I lived in a pleasant town in Berkshire for more than one year and, being only at a short distance from London, I had the possibility to visit few bear fairs and exhibitions, not to mention antique markets and many other places where new and old teddies were easy to find.

I get hooked with this cute characters and started again to make some bears. After few examples made with scraps of coloured synthetic fabric found in a local shop, I managed to buy a little piece of mohair andÖ Iíve kept on making bears ever since!

The materials I use normally are English and German mohair, wool-felt or suedette for the paws and pads, cotter pin joints with metal washers (and often wobble joint for heads) and single loop German glass eyes.

Most of my bears are filled with a mixture of polyester and steel shots to add extra weight, even if I like to use wood-wool for the old fashioned ones. I work with different types of mohair, but the one I prefer is sparse or distressed, as it gives to the bear that look of careworn. Silky viscose is my favourite for tiny and miniature creations!

 I usually make one offs or small limited edition teddies, as it is so exciting to see a new character and a different face looking at you each time!

And, with so many ideas coming up into my mind, I donít even have enough time to make all of them!

Many of my teddies now live all around the world, having found new home in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, England, Belgium, USA, Japan and Taiwan! I hope they behave themselves!!

Some of them have been exclusively created for the Copperstown Bears in Ohio (USA), others have been made for Uniques Collectables in Suffolk (England) and Bear Garden in Taipei (Taiwan)!

I havenít been making teddies for several years (I became mother and have been quite busy!) but finally in 2017 I decided to start again with my passion for creating beloved BearsÖ and here I am!

Hope youíll like my new creations!

Please note that my teddies are intended for collectors only - not suitable for children under the age of 10

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