...sweetest life, with sweet teddies...

Hi, my name is Lisa and I have been making teddies under the name BFTB since 1998, when I had the possibility of selling them to friends and guests of the hotel I was working in, thanks to the encouragement of my collegues.

Iíve been working in the hotel business for many years, often abroad, having experiences in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and England (where Iíve been fascinating with teddies, thanks to shops, magazines and fairs, where I could get inspiration for my arts).

My father comes from the Maremma, an area along the Tuscan coast, in Italy, and my mother from the largest city of Switzerland, Zurich, so Iíve learned to enjoy life and live with the uses of either a rural area, characterized of small villages full of history and art, and the interest in languages and foreign cultures, bequeathed from my mother.

Iíve born in Tuscany and live now here again, by the coast, with my beautiful family and a lazy grey cat. 

I stopped making teddies for several years as I became motherÖ But when children have grown up, in 2017 I decided to have a new startÖ and here I am, creating teddies again!

Hope you like them!


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